Simeon Trust Workshop on Biblical Exposition: Preaching Wisdom Literature

October 17, 2018 to October 19, 2018

All Day

Category: Simeon Trust Workshop on Biblical Exposition

The purpose of the workshop is to increase the participant’s confidence and ability in rightly handling God’s Word. We also want each person to leave convinced that God’s Word is powerful and eager to teach it to their people. A successful Workshop on Biblical Exposition has three essential components:

Principles - The leaders will present clear, simple instructions on interpreting and explaining the message of the Bible in an accurate and accessible way.

Practice - The Small Groups consist of 6-10 participants who have each prepared assigned texts and are ready to interact with the other group members and a trained group leader in order to improve their skills in a hands-on way.

Preaching - There will be an exposition from one of the leaders, demonstrating the value of sitting under the Word of God..

To get a good handle on the Workshops, you might read more about who should attend the Workshops, how to prepare for the Workshops, the fee/cancellation policy, or the principles of exposition we teach at the Workshops.